Minggu, 31 Juli 2011


for my father :

My daddy? he was a good smart and very creative, he's clever drawing and every day he drew a small book of people around him and explain what is being done.
 I really miss my daddy....
He was very funny and very dear to me :)
Same life as my father is living in a paradise of cool and very comfortable...
My daddy is also very diligent in worship,  I always wake up in the middle of the night because daddy was busy reading al-Quran,  as I'm remembering that not a few tears out of my eyes.
......... ...........

I can not express how happy again when I got older there is still a daddy who is always with me !
But maybe it's my imagination, because my daddy was calm in heaven :)
Because he's a very nice person, I never forget it :*
It's my daddy ! Yaaaaa a reliable painter who never tired of fighting for his son.
 I love my daddy and will never stop loving ... :*

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